Friday, August 31, 2007

Dakota 5-0

Well this weekend I will embark on my 3rd Dakota 5-0 mountain bike race/ride/tour. I race a little, ride a lot and tour even more. It's a fun time and I'm hoping I am able to beat my previous time of 7 hours 25 min. I should be able to. The riding has increased so much this year compared to years past. I just rode in the Gut Check 212 a couple weekends ago with 4 other guys and I have been on my mountain bike quite a few times since.

I'm hoping to ride in at about 6 hours 30 min meaning I'll cut almost 1 hour off my time from last year.

Here is a picture from me in the 2006 Dakota 5-0.

I'm crossing my fingers.

Small things I need to get done are move my cycle computer from my road bike over to the fat tire bike, true the wheels, adjust drivetrain and clean the Dawg up.

Well, I really do not have much to say for this being my first post and all. I will try and sum up the Dakota 5-0 on Monday after the race.