Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Technical Times

If I had a newspaper, that's what it would be called, "The Technical Times". Yeah, I like the ring of that. I bring up technical times for a few different points:

1. Now that I am officially an IT guy, I consider it the logical choice. I am becoming more technical all the time. Hopefully one of these days when I get a couple large projects done, I will gracefully be able to make the jump to programmer too.

2. I went for a mountain bike ride on Sunday evening and I am becoming a far better technical rider than I ever have been. I suppose it is because I spend alot of my time riding with yahoos who like to go downhill as fast as possible with no matter to what is in front of them. I usually find myself slowly creeping behind. However, the last few rides I have been on, no matter what the terrain, I have been actually pushing myself to go faster down the hill and through technical sections. I tell you, carrying a little extra speed and peddling does make a difference. Granted, I am by no means a freerider or downhill guy, I like to classify myself in the "All Mountain" category. I can pedal all day, or I can cruise downhill and do some low level drops and such. Although they scare the crap out of me. Mainly because I made a trip to the ER last year from going off a drop head first.

My 10 year class reunion is over the 4th of July. I have to say that I'm a bit nervous for it. I haven't seen 98% of the people since I graduated. The others are mainly through e-mail. My biggest fear, forgetting their name.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Does anyone out there want a Bontrager Saddle? I'll sell it, cheap. There is nothing wrong with it. It is 2 years old, no scratches or cuts or scrapes. I just don't like it. Either my butt goes numb or part of my leg or something else. I've been doing some research and it sounds like my saddle is to blame. So, I want to try a different one.

This is a link to the stock bike on the Trek site


Bontrager Race Lux is the name of the saddle.

On another note, I went for a lunch time ride. It is so nice out. A little humid but nice. I rode 17.7 miles in 1 hour and 2 minutes. I felt really good until I was almost back and sweat started dripping into my eye. I damn near went blind. It still burns a little bit.

I love spring... or is this summer? maybe fall??? who knows, but I love it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mountain Bike Mania

The title may be a little out there. There is really no mainia going on anywhere. A friend and I are getting together for a knobby ride tomorrow. He just got a Gary Fisher full squishy 29er. I'm glad he's full squish now. He'll like it. I actually wish I had a hardtail again sometimes. I guess it depends upon the ride.

Check out this blog. You should read this and then donate to the cause. It's a great cause and you could possibly win a sweet ride. Do IT!

On another note, the Tour de Dakota is happening this week. My brother-in-law called me to chew me out. I'm not even on the ride but he found it necessary to call me anyway. He was hauling grain with a semi somewhere along the route. He said that there were about 150 cyclists ridding 4 wide on the highway. None would move over and he had a very difficult time trying to get by. Mind you this is an 80,000 pound vehicle. Our goal as cyclists it to promote safety, share the road and create a bicycle friendly atmosphere. Now seriously, this is not going to happen if we cyclists take advantage of the situation. It's only going to piss drivers off and we will never have a bicycle friendly state. I was not there, nor do I know what really happened. I'm just saying if we can get mad at cars for not sharing the road, why can't drivers be upset when we don't do the same. Riding 4 wide on any highway is not sharing the road.

Share the road people. Cyclists, walkers, runners and cars. That is the goal.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm still a bit sluggish after my run the other day. I also went for a lunch ride yesterday and felt sluggish on it too. Considering all the climbing I had to do, my average speed wasn't too bad. I think it was somewhere around 14.8 ave/mph, 21.6 miles and 2633.6 feet of climbing. My legs are feeling it today.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


On the way out to daycare we saw 4 people on bicycles. I know at least 2 of those people were riding to work. The other 2 may have been on a training ride. I was in a car driving to daycare.

I took the dog for a run last night after the rain stopped. I can't believe how out of running shape I am in. I know I haven't run much, but I thought the time I've spent on a bike would show a little bit. My quads and shins are feeling the most pain today. My cardiovascular system was alright, it was the legs.

I gave blood last week and I received my cholesterol results. 226. It says that it is in the almost high category. They also say that it is not an accurate test because they allow you to eat and drink before you give blood. If it were an actual test, the doctors want you to fast for 12 hours before hand. So, I really do not know what it means.

Monday, June 9, 2008


This weekend was very nice, little rain and alot of work was done. First off we were doggy sitting a friend's dog. Our dog is now very sad and mopes around with sad ears.

Saturday we went out and mowed my parents lawn by Nemo. Sunday we did some major cleaning, laundry, unplugged gutters, fixed downspouts, worked on the slope next to the foundation, checked where the water runs and mowed our lawn. Hopefully all these changes will help out our water situation that happens every time it rains. If not, I guess we'll have to figure something else out.

When I took our friend's dog home, I put a leash on him and loaded his food canister up in my bike trailer and took him home (on a bicycle). Then I had to run back home and get his kennel which I loaded in the bike trailer. It was so fun to carry things on a bike.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Rain Rain Rain!

It has rained nearly every day here since, well, I can't remember. It makes it difficult to get out on the bike and ride. I don't have any problem with riding in the rain except that I don't want to tear up the mt bike trails and I really don't have any gear for the road bike. Rain riding is a real problem for me. I actually think it would be fun.

Angie comes home today. She has been in Atlanta since Sunday for a conference for work. Our little boy misses his mommy and so does daddy.

I have been able to ride the rollers at night after Oli goes to sleep. I usually get about a half hour workout in before I decide that I should really get some sleep.

Did I mention that it's raining? I look out my window and watch the rain come down. I believe we are in a flood warning. Hopefully Angie will be able to fly in.