Friday, June 13, 2008

Mountain Bike Mania

The title may be a little out there. There is really no mainia going on anywhere. A friend and I are getting together for a knobby ride tomorrow. He just got a Gary Fisher full squishy 29er. I'm glad he's full squish now. He'll like it. I actually wish I had a hardtail again sometimes. I guess it depends upon the ride.

Check out this blog. You should read this and then donate to the cause. It's a great cause and you could possibly win a sweet ride. Do IT!

On another note, the Tour de Dakota is happening this week. My brother-in-law called me to chew me out. I'm not even on the ride but he found it necessary to call me anyway. He was hauling grain with a semi somewhere along the route. He said that there were about 150 cyclists ridding 4 wide on the highway. None would move over and he had a very difficult time trying to get by. Mind you this is an 80,000 pound vehicle. Our goal as cyclists it to promote safety, share the road and create a bicycle friendly atmosphere. Now seriously, this is not going to happen if we cyclists take advantage of the situation. It's only going to piss drivers off and we will never have a bicycle friendly state. I was not there, nor do I know what really happened. I'm just saying if we can get mad at cars for not sharing the road, why can't drivers be upset when we don't do the same. Riding 4 wide on any highway is not sharing the road.

Share the road people. Cyclists, walkers, runners and cars. That is the goal.

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bikingbrady said...

If you've been reading my blog, I had a few confrontations with fellow cyclists as well. It was not a good week IMHO. Makes me feel like we aren't making any headway in our fight for equal rights.