Friday, January 11, 2013

Gold Rush Gravel Grider

There is a new race in town. The Gold Rush Gravel Grinder.

Like many other races that are popping up around, this one takes to the gravel and public access roads in the Northern Black Hills. It looks like there is a 110 mile option and a shorter 70 mile option. The Grinder looks mostly self-supported although there will be multiple water stations but food must be supplied.

I'm struggling with the thought of going for the full 110 or the shorter 70 mile option. The race leaves from Spearfish park and rolls to Trailshead Lodge for the half-way point of the long option. I know if you go from Spearfish to Trailshead, there is some significant rise in elevation. I have a general idea how one could get from one point to the other but that's on more snowmobile trails.

Seems this could be fun either way you throw it. I have the Salsa Fargo and all the gear to make it a fun ride. The question is if I'll be ready.

What do you have going on June 8, 2013? If you didn't know... now you do. Sign up today!

I need to as well.