Friday, December 30, 2011

Bike Lights

Light courtesy of Light & Motion
I have this bike light. It's a Light & Motion Stella 300. I've loved this light since the moment I got it a couple years ago. Actually, now that I think of it, the light might actually be a Stella 200. Pretty much the same thing just less lumens.

What I found out I don't like about the light is the little rubber mount thing tends to age and eventually break. I was lucky as mine broke while I was at home in the garage. Based on my newly found experience, it would be highly recommended you take alternate sources of light-to-bike attachment. Bring some zip-ties, an extra strap, duct tape or anything that will secure this nice little light to your bar/helmet.

Now, I want to remind you that I love this light. It is bright enough for the casual rider to ride at night both on the road/path or on the single track. I do think the light should come with a spare attachment rubber thing or an alternate way to mount the light in case of a breakage.

On that note, I picked up an extra rubber thing yesterday at my favorite bike shop, Acme Bicycles and I plan on using my light this evening on a short mountain bike ride somewhere. Maybe Hansen Larson Memorial Park or possibly a short stretch on Storm Mountain.

Happy New Year. Be safe out there.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Goals

Here was a list of cycling goals I set out to do in 2011. I didn't accomplish one of them. Not one single one.
  1. I would like to ride South Dakota from the ND border to the Neb. border. (I'm not sure of the best location to accomplish this so I'm taking routes if you have them).
  2. I would like to accomplish at least 1 century ride. Can be for charity or just for the plain fun of it.
  3. I'd like to ride the entire Mickelson trail in a day.
  4. I would like to ride the entire Centennial trail. Preferably over a span of a few days. There are sections I'm going to have to ride around but for the most part, it's rideable.
  5. I'm thinking about RAGBRI.
  6. Dakota 5-0... this is a no-brainer for me.
  7. I'd like to try and ride to Miller from Rapid City. It's only 244 miles. It would take me a 2 days but I think it'd be fun.
  8. This is kinda weird... but I want to ride at least 5 minutes every single day of the rest of this year. I have a trainer so even on the really cold days I can still ride. Yes, every single day... Doesn't seem that hard, but it could be... I'm starting today.
  9. Get more involved with trail building and the SD Bicycle Coalition. More advocacy and education for me.
  10. I really want to try an overnight bicycle camping trip. I know one fellow who does them quite often. I think it'd be a hoot and not too difficult to accomplish.
  11. I want to try and get more people involved in the national bike to work month, week, day at my office.
I didn't even ride the Dakota 50. I do have a legitimate excuse for that one though, I had surgery.

The rest though. Zero excuses. Bike riding this year just didn't happen the way I wanted. Some days my thoughts are that since I set out all of these goals I really didn't have any plan to accomplish them. I would still like to continue to have these on my want to do someday list. No plans, no goals, no items I want to accomplish this year, just someday.

For Sale:
2009 Kona Ute. It's a great bike and I love it but the amount of time I spend on it compared to the amount of space it takes up in the garage isn't worth it. I'm thinking $550 or so plus shipping. There are pictures somewhere here in this blog.

Excess Packaging

I realize this article isn't exactly about bicycles or anything cycling related. The one thing that I believe does tie the two ideas together is that this story discusses the use of excess packaging. To me bicycles provide a more minimal approach to travel and fun. Think about all the items you can cram in a car then think about what you can fit on a bicycle. Obviously less fits on the bicycle creating the idea that the person traveling by bike has to greatly reduce what he's carrying.

So, here is the article. I agree whole-heartedly about companies and their excess packaging rituals. Frankly I'm getting tired of opening a large box with multiple small things inside including a bunch of packing material.