Monday, December 9, 2013

Custer Peak - Global Fatbike Day

Started at 22 below zero. We rode from Mystic Hills Hideaway to snowmobile trail 7 and up to Custer Peak. I was hot and tired so I didn't summit. The ride was amazing. I was also amazingly slow but the time and effort was completely worth it.

Gear - 2014 Salsa Mukluk 2
Bottoms -
Under Armor base layer
Columbia base layer pants
Under Armor fleece pants

Top - 
Under Armor base layer
Target cycling jersey
Twin Six Thermal jacket
Solomon ski coat

Feet -
1400 gram hunting boots
Danner Wool Socks

Hands - 
Thinsulate glove mittens
Cabelas pogies

I was way too hot. I could probably be fine with losing the Solomon ski coat for those temps. I also need windproof breathable pants. Lose the Under Armor fleece ones and go for something with wind protection and moisture management.

Excited for more. The ride was about 2 hours and maybe covered 5-6 miles.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Gold Rush Gravel Grider

There is a new race in town. The Gold Rush Gravel Grinder.

Like many other races that are popping up around, this one takes to the gravel and public access roads in the Northern Black Hills. It looks like there is a 110 mile option and a shorter 70 mile option. The Grinder looks mostly self-supported although there will be multiple water stations but food must be supplied.

I'm struggling with the thought of going for the full 110 or the shorter 70 mile option. The race leaves from Spearfish park and rolls to Trailshead Lodge for the half-way point of the long option. I know if you go from Spearfish to Trailshead, there is some significant rise in elevation. I have a general idea how one could get from one point to the other but that's on more snowmobile trails.

Seems this could be fun either way you throw it. I have the Salsa Fargo and all the gear to make it a fun ride. The question is if I'll be ready.

What do you have going on June 8, 2013? If you didn't know... now you do. Sign up today!

I need to as well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To fat or not to fat

I've been living in a struggle for the last couple months. I borrowed one of these from my LBS this past summer. I had a good time on it. My wife rode it around a little on a trail close to Deerfield and I think she enjoyed it. The Mukluk was ridden on M-hill for a while to test it's abilities and all was well.

Now the problem is that I want to go fat. However, do I need to make this other purchase. Don't get me wrong, a bike purchase is never a bad purchase but I don't get the opportunities to ride my 2 other bikes as much as I'd like. There are dreams of snow biking dancing around in my head... but then again, when do I have time to go snow biking? I don't take the time to go regular biking, touring, mt. biking, etc... Should I wait?


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dakota Five-o by dclements0 at Garmin Connect - Details

The Dakota Five-o was finally a success for me. Although my previous time was below 7 hours, this year's time finally made it below the 6 hour mark. Leading into it I didn't know if I would be able to make it or not. I used some advice I got and just kept moving. I had 2 water bottles and stopped just long enough at each aid station to fill the empty. I don't think I spent longer than a minute at any one stop.

Most of the race I felt really good. My legs felt strong and my lungs felt good too. I can't say I was overly fast but I felt strong enough which made me quite happy since my longest ride this summer to date has been 22 miles on the road.

Next year I'm hoping for under 5 hours. I think that may get into some actual training and more long rides. We'll see. I must admit that it was really nice being done before it got hot.

Dakota Five-o by dclements0 at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, August 20, 2012


Centennial Trail between Elk Creek and Alkali
Yesterday I was able to make a small prep run for the Dakotafive-o. I only rode for a couple hours but they were quality. I haven't downloaded the data yet but there was much climbing involved. I started at the Alkali Creek Trailhead and rode up Bulldog and continued on a few miles towards Elk Creek Trailhead on the Centennial Trail.

I've never been past the top of bulldog before and I have to tell you, it's a doozy. Much climbing is involved between that little section. Long downhills make for long uphills. The trail was beautiful though. Not that there were sweeping views but just much green foliage everywhere. There were also a couple of creek crossings which turned out to be dry.

I'm unsure about my readiness for the five-o but I don't have much choice. I have to do it and my goal will remain under 6 hours. If I don't make it, no big deal but it sure would be fun. I put in a lot of time at the beginning of the year which fell off during June and parts of July. Since then I've been riding or commuting a couple times a week. Usually logging close to 50-60 miles per week so I should be ok. We'll see.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Commuting and Dakota Five-o

I started my new job a couple weeks ago. So far, I'm absolutely loving it. There is a large variety of work to do and it all revolves around bikes, getting kids to ride bikes, bike events and other things bike related. You could say I like it.

One of the other perks about this place is the bike parking. We have a large warehouse where there are about 20-30 hooks to hang bikes and a shower to wash off the stink. I have been leaving my Santa Cruz here most of the time so I can hop out for a quick lunch ride on M-hills since it's so close. I've also been able to commute by bike a little more since I don't get so many evil looks when I am sweaty or need to bring my bike inside.

I haven't commuted a ton yet but my number is increasing. I'm hoping for at least 3 times per week which I know isn't much, but compared to what I have been doing, it is a vast improvement.

I do need to keep riding to work and getting the lunch rides in to prepare for the Dakota 5-0. It's probably too late to do any serious prep work but doing nothing will not help either. So, my plan of commutes and lunch rides will have to do for now.

Speaking of the Dakota five-o... I know two people who are unable to use their registration. One is for medical reasons, so if you are interested in riding let me know and I'll get you in touch with those folks. We'll have to move pretty fast since the transfer deadline is fast approaching.

Do any of you use Strava? What are your thoughts? I'm not fully convinced yet although I can see the fun in it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camping Weekend

Once again, no reports on rides. We did take our new pop-up camper out to a little lake by Hot Springs. Cold Brook Lake which isn't so much of a lake as it is a big puddle. That's not true, it's a really big puddle. Honestly, it's a lake, yet a small one.

Cold Brook is a very nice lake. It's small and not very crowded which is the part I loved. While all of the other campgrounds get tons of traffic, Cold Brook is off the beaten path and it seems most people don't know about it and if they do, they don't go there.

Since we were in for a short, overnight camping trip I decided to opt out of bringing the bikes. The one thing we do need to do is work on pairing down the amount of stuff we take camping. I think I'm going to start making an inventory of what we take and then what we use. This will help decide what we really need. Honestly, do we need 3 packs of hotdogs for an overnight trip? The case of beer is a necessity but what about the 3 gallons of water... I don't think so.