Monday, December 9, 2013

Custer Peak - Global Fatbike Day

Started at 22 below zero. We rode from Mystic Hills Hideaway to snowmobile trail 7 and up to Custer Peak. I was hot and tired so I didn't summit. The ride was amazing. I was also amazingly slow but the time and effort was completely worth it.

Gear - 2014 Salsa Mukluk 2
Bottoms -
Under Armor base layer
Columbia base layer pants
Under Armor fleece pants

Top - 
Under Armor base layer
Target cycling jersey
Twin Six Thermal jacket
Solomon ski coat

Feet -
1400 gram hunting boots
Danner Wool Socks

Hands - 
Thinsulate glove mittens
Cabelas pogies

I was way too hot. I could probably be fine with losing the Solomon ski coat for those temps. I also need windproof breathable pants. Lose the Under Armor fleece ones and go for something with wind protection and moisture management.

Excited for more. The ride was about 2 hours and maybe covered 5-6 miles.

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