Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Riding

I've been a bad biker lately. It's not really on purpose, it's more of lots of work, too many commitments and cold (yes I'm weak), and some very slippery roads/sidewalks. I'm not willing to risk my life and limb to ride. Although I should and I would probably be better off for it. On a positive note, I did ride today. I got out the Ute and rode. There were some minor slippery spots but most could be avoided. It felt like a fresh spring morning (January).

It started me thinking about all the bike related rides I would like to accomplish this year. Most are quite long actually. Here is my list.

1. I would like to ride South Dakota from the ND border to the Neb. border. (I'm not sure of the best location to accomplish this so I'm taking routes if you have them).
2. I would like to accomplish at least 1 century ride. Can be for charity or just for the plain fun of it.
3. I'd like to ride the entire Mickelson trail in a day.
4. I would like to ride the entire Centennial trail. Preferably over a span of a few days. There are sections I'm going to have to ride around but for the most part, it's rideable.
5. I'm thinking about RAGBRI.
6. Dakota 5-0... this is a no-brainer for me.
7. I'd like to try and ride to Miller from Rapid City. It's only 244 miles. It would take me a 2 days but I think it'd be fun.
8. This is kinda weird... but I want to ride at least 5 minutes every single day of the rest of this year. I have a trainer so even on the really cold days I can still ride. Yes, every single day... Doesn't seem that hard, but it could be... I'm starting today.
9. Get more involved with trail building and the SD Bicycle Coalition. More advocacy and education for me.
10. I really want to try an overnight bicycle camping trip. I know one fellow who does them quite often. I think it'd be a hoot and not too difficult to accomplish.
11. I want to try and get more people involved in the national bike to work month, week, day at my office.

I don't think it's a bad list. There are a few that I doubt will happen but I believe if you put them out into the universe, it has more of a chance of happening. So there.