Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Wow, I rode M-hill today over lunch. 100 degrees with no water is way too hot to be peddling up a giant hill for 1.5 hours. I nearly died.

However, I felt relatively well for it being so hot. I took a couple more breaks.

The other night I took a longer route home. I got about 21 miles there.

I'm riding more and loving it. All kinds, mountain, road (mtb with slicks) and some heavy hauling with the Ute. The boys love riding in the bike trailer and the wife loves the Ute too.

Bike life is good in the Clements household.

Good news in Rapid City also. Safe Routes to School is making an impact here! Thank you!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Preperation for the five-0

Full on prep time for the Dakota 5-0 is in the works. It's been pretty slow this last few months. I've done some biking here and there but nothing long and definately nothing that will constitute a sub-5 hour fifty mile time. I do hope to beat my time by following my current training plan. That plan consists of riding alot! Really, I want to ride as much as possible for the month of August. I'd like to try and throw in a couple looooong rides. At least 2 4-5 hour rides are in store as well.

I'll do a few extra miles tonight on my way home. I got a super hard ride in for 7 miles coming to work today, tonight I'll go a little out of the way to get some more mileage. I'll probably crank pretty hard up the hills or do some intervals along the way.

I might try and get a quick recovery ride in the morning and a down-hill esque ride in after work. I'm not fully sure what my plan will be at this point.

I think we're heading back to Miller this weekend and I'll take my bike. Maybe I can get in a couple back to back 30-60 mile rides in the mornings. We'll see I guess.

Oh yeah, I purchased a couple commuter tires, panaracer pasela, for my hardtail. I needed something that would roll better on the highway during my longer rides since all I have for a "road" bike is my Ute. Trust me, although I love my Ute, it is not a training tool at all. Definitely a hauler. They look funny at 1.5 inches wide compared to my 2.1 or 2.3s or whatever I ride. So far I only have about 40 miles on them and I'm really happy with them. I'll keep you updated as I use them more.