Monday, August 9, 2010

Preperation for the five-0

Full on prep time for the Dakota 5-0 is in the works. It's been pretty slow this last few months. I've done some biking here and there but nothing long and definately nothing that will constitute a sub-5 hour fifty mile time. I do hope to beat my time by following my current training plan. That plan consists of riding alot! Really, I want to ride as much as possible for the month of August. I'd like to try and throw in a couple looooong rides. At least 2 4-5 hour rides are in store as well.

I'll do a few extra miles tonight on my way home. I got a super hard ride in for 7 miles coming to work today, tonight I'll go a little out of the way to get some more mileage. I'll probably crank pretty hard up the hills or do some intervals along the way.

I might try and get a quick recovery ride in the morning and a down-hill esque ride in after work. I'm not fully sure what my plan will be at this point.

I think we're heading back to Miller this weekend and I'll take my bike. Maybe I can get in a couple back to back 30-60 mile rides in the mornings. We'll see I guess.

Oh yeah, I purchased a couple commuter tires, panaracer pasela, for my hardtail. I needed something that would roll better on the highway during my longer rides since all I have for a "road" bike is my Ute. Trust me, although I love my Ute, it is not a training tool at all. Definitely a hauler. They look funny at 1.5 inches wide compared to my 2.1 or 2.3s or whatever I ride. So far I only have about 40 miles on them and I'm really happy with them. I'll keep you updated as I use them more.

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