Thursday, January 26, 2017

Life as it is today


I was reviewing one of the company's websites yesterday and noticed there are many of the same images uploaded to the server. So, I started thinking about how I could help better organize and optimize the site. Instead of uploading multiple images to the wordpress site, use 1 image then insert individual title tag, alt tag, and be certain it's named appropriately.

Like this.

  1. src=“red-outdoor-jpg” is the image file (or source) that is being displayed on the page.
  2. alt=“Our red outdoor sweaters are on sale now!” is the images alt text, which stands for alternate text. Its purpose is to describe the image textually so that search engines and screen readers (software used by the visually impaired) can understand what the image is.
  3. title=“Red Outdoor Sweater” is the image title, which as the name implies, is the title of your image.


I'd like to give Sketch a try. Seems to be the growing trend of designer's tools.

communication tool
Slack - Where work happens
Communication is a very important piece to corporate culture. If the communication isn't flowing freely then the culture will suffer. One hand will not know what the other is doing and in business, that's bad. Enter Slack.

I haven't tried it but would love to for the sake of building company culture.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2013 - Oh how times have changed.

Sometime late 2013 was my last post. It's time we get this train back on the tracks. Update the content. Update the purpose. Finally, update you on the past few years.

1. I sold my Santa Cruz Blur
2. I sold my 2013 Salsa Mukluk
3. I purchased a 2016 Kona Jake
4. Purchased a 2016 Salsa Mukluk GX1 Sus
5. We had another baby... a girl :)

I still have the 2011 Salsa Fargo. I've thought about selling it many times but I really think it gets better with age. There are parts that I wouldn't mind upgrading. The shifters, breaks, and wheels. That's most of it I suppose.

Last year I competed in the Gold Rush Gravel Grinder and the Dakota five-o. And, I guess the 28 Below too. I'm not going to make the 28 Below since it's over our anniversary weekend but will make the other two for certain.

The gravel grinder was tough. I was not in long distance cycling shape and it was over 100 degrees outside. I signed up for the 110 but took a short-cut and ended at around 80+ miles. It was enough.

The new Mukluk is going to be my do-it-all mountain bike this year. I may build up some 29" wheels to put on it for summer riding but haven't really decided yet. It'll depend on what the fat feels like with suspension.