Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Rain Rain Rain!

It has rained nearly every day here since, well, I can't remember. It makes it difficult to get out on the bike and ride. I don't have any problem with riding in the rain except that I don't want to tear up the mt bike trails and I really don't have any gear for the road bike. Rain riding is a real problem for me. I actually think it would be fun.

Angie comes home today. She has been in Atlanta since Sunday for a conference for work. Our little boy misses his mommy and so does daddy.

I have been able to ride the rollers at night after Oli goes to sleep. I usually get about a half hour workout in before I decide that I should really get some sleep.

Did I mention that it's raining? I look out my window and watch the rain come down. I believe we are in a flood warning. Hopefully Angie will be able to fly in.

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Tez said...

It SUCKS! It has been raining on this side of the state a lot also! I am afraid that when it stops we are going to heat up temp wise!