Tuesday, June 10, 2008


On the way out to daycare we saw 4 people on bicycles. I know at least 2 of those people were riding to work. The other 2 may have been on a training ride. I was in a car driving to daycare.

I took the dog for a run last night after the rain stopped. I can't believe how out of running shape I am in. I know I haven't run much, but I thought the time I've spent on a bike would show a little bit. My quads and shins are feeling the most pain today. My cardiovascular system was alright, it was the legs.

I gave blood last week and I received my cholesterol results. 226. It says that it is in the almost high category. They also say that it is not an accurate test because they allow you to eat and drink before you give blood. If it were an actual test, the doctors want you to fast for 12 hours before hand. So, I really do not know what it means.

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