Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spring Rain

I love the rainy season. It might be because we really haven't had a rainy season for quite some time. The last few days have been dark, dreary and drizzly. I love it. Despite of the weather, Oli and I went out for a hike. I put him in a baby backpack and off we went. We have trails minutes from our house so that's where we went. I took the dog and she was the happiest I have ever seen her. As soon as I let her off the leash, she took off up the trail and turned around. Her face was priceless. I have a picture but forgot the camera. I'll post it tomorrow.

The trail was absolutely beautiful. The greens were very green, the stream was flowing and the air smelled so fresh. That is why I love the rain. It cleans everything. It smelled just like a brand new world.

Normally I wouldn't go for a hike. I ride bicycles. Angie had to work late and I needed some outdoor activity and I was being a single dad for the evening. That's why I chose a hike. I have to tell you, it was so nice to see that trail from a different perspective. I even found a loop that I would have never seen if I was on a bike. The scenery was amazing.

The lesson for today - slow down and look around you sometime. You will notice things you have never seen before.

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