Friday, May 9, 2008


Well I've been a bit absent. Things have been crazy busy around here. I had a funeral I went to Wednesday. We left Tuesday and returned Wednesday night. Then I am going to Las Vegas for 4 nights for a Microsoft Sharepoint conference. Work has kept me plenty busy trying to catch up and get things finished before I jet set out of here. I finally have things at work wrapped up so now I need to run to the bank and pack. Then get a mother's day card for my wife and maybe a gift and then...

Wow, I like doing things and going places. When I feel like I am never home and don't have time to accomplish things that I want to accomplish, it makes me grumpy. I'm starting to get that way. I'm living off other people's schedule, not my own.

I'll try and post some pictures and things while I'm there.

I'd like to bike too while I'm there but the way it sounds, riding on the strip is horrendous and getting anywhere else to ride is about a 15 mile cab ride. Including getting to a shop where I could rent a bike. I'll see though. I might be able to figure something out.

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