Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2-Mile Challenge

You'll probably think this is weird, but I honestly have not made a less than 2 mile trip in the last week. Mostly because I have ether not been here or there has been no need. I haven't spent any money, gone anywhere, done anything. It's been freakin great. I did travel back to my home town but that is definately more than 2 miles. So, I guess I'm making this thing pretty easy. The bike is getting very lonely out in the shed and it's time to get it out. The only thing that's holding me back, other than the darkness, is the 100 mile an hour winds that have been blowing through here for the last 4 days. It sucks.

So, that's my update so far on the two mile challenge.

My brother-in-law went pheasant hunting this weekend and had a great time. Here is a pic that is not related to bicycles at all.

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