Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Morning Workouts.

Met a couple guys to run M-hill today. It's far too muddy to ride, but perfect for running. After we finished the good ole run up and down, we did a little bouldering to pump up the upper body.

I'm going to get into climbing this summer. My goal, to ride to a bouldering location, then do some of that to work the upper body. I need to enjoy more of the out of doors this summer.

I have a 16 month old kid who loves being outside. What better example could I be than by taking him on out door adventures. The only thing I'd have to be cautious of is him eating rocks. Yes, he eats rocks.

I'm completely pooped after my run today. My 2 miles tomorrow will be easy ones. I wish my dog was tired but I'm sure she's all rested up and ready to roll.

One other thing I need to do, I need to start posting more pictures. I'm gonna do it. I also need to post pictures of my newest steed in the shed. Kona Kula Supreme. It's pretty and awesome.

'til tomorrow... Get outside and do something.

OH, the Fat Tire Festival is coming up shortly.

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