Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh happy day

Alright, I drove this morning. I wasn't happy about it but I was running short on time. Fine...

I did end up driving back home to put some food in the slow cooker for supper tonight. While I was there I decided it's time to take the Ute for a spin back to work. So, I packed up my things and headed out the door. Oh how I love that bike. It's so smooth, fun, cruiseresque and all the goodness makes me very happy. I never have to carry a thing on my back, it just all goes right in the bag. Oh it's so good.

There was one bad part of today's ride. The wind!!! Holy smokes, it almost blew me to a standstill more than once. That bike catches some serious wind. It's ok, the bell makes up for it.

Another topic:
Dakota five-o

Should I ride it? I think I should. I need to sign up now!

You should too!

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