Thursday, September 2, 2010

The longtail bike

The last two nights have probably been my favorite ever. We eat supper as a family, then I load Oli and Jonah into the bike trailer and off we go. Tuesday night was a long ride. We cruised around the neighborhood and started to head off towards their old daycare. The sun was setting and time was getting short so we opted for a cruise back to the house.

Last night was a little shorter and not so distance focused. Oli wanted to ride his Strider so we cruised around the neighborhood. He loves, loves, loves his strider. He runs outside in the morning while wearing a diaper... wanna ride my bicycle. Anyway, after a while he was tired, so I loaded his bike up and put him in the trailer with Jonah. Oh, I was riding the Ute with a trailer. It was a loooooong bike.

I think we'll do it again tonight.

I was going to take a picture of the boys and I on the ute but didn't get it done. I'll try and get one so you all can see how magical it looks.

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