Thursday, April 28, 2011


I rode to work today in an effort to get ready for Bike to Work Month. That's May for those of you who don't know. I've been such a cheese on riding to work. My only excuse I have this time is that it rains... alot.

I'm wanting to get out this weekend and go for some sort of ride. Once again, rain is in the forecast for tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday. I'm not looking forward to it.

I'm going to start planning a bike camping trip. I plan on leaving from the North end of the Centennial Trail and moving my way South. I'll probably get to Dalton Lake the first night and then ride on to Pactola the second. I could get farther, I'm really not sure. The most difficult issue is my Blur does not have any room for a rack so everything I take will have to be on my back. I should be able to take plenty of food for a 2 day ride. I could always have my family meet me at Dalton lake to camp with me too. That could be even more enjoyable.

Link to the route.

I have no idea how to prepare. I guess I had better start looking at what I'm going to need to take and how much food/water to pack along.

If you have ideas or thoughts, let me know. I'll take good links for resources too.

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