Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garmin Edge 500

I made an authorized purchase today. I went and bought a Garmin Edge 500 for my bicycle adventures.

I'm liking the opportunities it offers for mapping as well as tracking elevation and speed data. The old Polar speedometer I had isn't working very well. It has a wireless sensor and it always cuts out and really frustrates me.

I'm hoping to post my rides and the Garmin Connect info here each time I ride. It'd be great to add photos or videos as well but I often forget to bring my camera.

The Fat Tire Festival is out here this weekend. I'll be taking part in some of the fun stuff. I don't think I'll participate as a racer but maybe a rider and a spectator. It should be fun. I would strongly encourage you to come and partake if you have the ability.

Enjoy your day.

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