Thursday, September 27, 2007


I received a sticker from Minuscar the other day. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I love it. Speaking of Minuscar, I'm headed to nascar with my parents this weekend in Kansas City. It doesn't exactly fit my style, but my parents like it and it's one of the few things we do together now days. It's going to be a long weeekend with alot of driving.

The MS150 was last weekend in the hills. I wish I would have been involved with it again but I just had so much stuff going on the last couple weeks that I had to take a weekend off. Next year I'll ride.

Everyone is saying that it is century season. I really want to get a century under my belt this year. It might not be a formal one, but I need any sort of 100 mile ride. I did the MS150 last year so that was covered. Any ideas?

I found a link today that might be of interest for those biker types. Langley.

I went for a ride the other night with my brother-in-law. We were more or less messing around doing things we probably shouldn't. He put his foot down and ended up spraining his ankle pretty bad. It was all black and blue and he's on crutches now.

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