Monday, February 8, 2010

WOD Mon. Feb 8

10 Thrusters (85 lbs)
15 pullups
20 double-unders

5 rounds

Today was a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things. It's the first day in 2 weeks in which I have actually done a workout. I've drank a lot of beer and traveled and tended to sick kids, but workout was not one of them. It felt fairly good. I was slightly out of breath and I could tell my pullups were struggling. After I finished the workout in around 13 minutes, I had a terrible gut cramp that went away in a few minutes. It was nice to be back in the gym.

Everyone did very well with the workout today. Thrusters should suck, but I'm finding that I kinda like them. They use so many different movements and incorporate the full body. Pull-ups were a struggle. I was able to knock out the first 15 no problem but anything after that I had to do in sets of 5.

My diet has been pretty poor the last couple weeks as well. It's time to get back to it and keep it paleo and clean. I feel much better and my workouts are much more productive with the proper nutrition.

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