Monday, March 19, 2012

Storm Mountain

On Thursday I rode the storm mountain trail by Rockerville, SD with a buddy of mine. We had the opportunity to leave work a tad early. We rode the entire trail and rode on the gravel to by-pass the coon hollow section. It's usually pretty damp this time of year.

The dude I rode with is considerably faster than I am so I had to work to keep up. I did really well until we got around to the expert section of the trail at about 7-8 miles in. Here is where I started to lose my legs.

On a different note, I am putting myself on a weight loss plan. I weighed myself Friday and it displayed 203. Usually our scale registers about 5 lbs light so if I go by that it means I'm at 208 which is not acceptable. The plan is to ride in Fruita, CO in about a month and i would really like to drop 10 lbs by then. We're leaving April 19th after work so that's exactly 4 weeks away. If I can drop 2 lbs a week I should hit somewhere between 195-200... Then if I can keep on track I should hit 185-190 by mid-May.

It's on like donkey kong... Here is a disclaimer. If I happen to hit 195 and am completely ripped I will probably not lose much more weight. I'm pretty sure I have more to lose than that though.

I eat relatively well with the occasional beverage here and there. My activity remains fairly consistent with crossfitting 2-3 times a week and a couple bike rides. Most of that will stay the same with the exception of upping the biking.

I'm going to put a weight column over on the right.

Friday, March 16 - 208# (evening weigh-in)

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