Monday, March 5, 2012


The weather definitely took a trip into the 60s today. I rode the Fargo and left at a decent time yet still ended up to work 20 minutes late. Apparently it's mostly uphill going to work. My choice attire was a little off wearing a base layer, light fleece and then a wind shell. I was sweating far too early. I made it to work in just about 40 minutes for almost 9 miles.

Lunch time had me jump back on the Fargo for a couple block ride to CrossFit. I was a little worried after the workout that my ride home was going to be very difficult. It wasn't.

Coming home I decided to jump up on the gravel road that trails along the South side of M-hill to get some gravel time in. It's only about a half to 3/4 miles in length but a fun little section to get off the bike path. Once that was complete I took to the bike path as far as I could go. When highway 44 was reached I decided to take a different route home with what used to be a road. There was a problem that I thought might be there when that road no longer exists. Instead there is a large ravine I had to figure out how to cross. Since I had a Fargo with the tagline "Adventure By Bike" I decided I should blaze a path. I hoisted the bike upon my shoulder and hiked a couple hundred feet, put the bike down and continued on my way.  It was not real adventurous but it was different than my normal commute.

Next time who knows where the path will lead.

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