Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camping Weekend

Once again, no reports on rides. We did take our new pop-up camper out to a little lake by Hot Springs. Cold Brook Lake which isn't so much of a lake as it is a big puddle. That's not true, it's a really big puddle. Honestly, it's a lake, yet a small one.

Cold Brook is a very nice lake. It's small and not very crowded which is the part I loved. While all of the other campgrounds get tons of traffic, Cold Brook is off the beaten path and it seems most people don't know about it and if they do, they don't go there.

Since we were in for a short, overnight camping trip I decided to opt out of bringing the bikes. The one thing we do need to do is work on pairing down the amount of stuff we take camping. I think I'm going to start making an inventory of what we take and then what we use. This will help decide what we really need. Honestly, do we need 3 packs of hotdogs for an overnight trip? The case of beer is a necessity but what about the 3 gallons of water... I don't think so.

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SD_pedalpower said...

If you went bike camping you could only take what you can carry on your bike.. :)