Friday, July 6, 2012


The wife and I purchased a small pop-up camper for some weekend excursions. Does anyone have any good ideas for mounting a bike rack to the top of the camper? I've seen it done but mainly just with vehicles driving by at 65 miles per hour. I've never seen one up close.

I also haven't had a chance to try out some bikepacking gear. Well, not so much gear but the bike, bags and just other normal stuff I have. My weekends have been so busy that time has been spent elsewhere. I have the Salsa Fargo with some bags. It would be so easy to take a short ride up to Nemo and camp overnight yet I haven't done it yet.

Is anyone watching the tour?

Last weekend we were camping at Stockade Lake by Custer. I brought my Blur and was hoping for a Centennial trail ride. That didn't happen but I was able to ride through the park from our lake to another lake. Bicycle is the ultimate way to travel through the park. It's slow enough where you can really see the sights.

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