Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1

My new year set off on a good note. Angie, myself and Oli made a trip up to Sturgis to see the in-laws. We spend a little time sledding down a nicely groomed, slick trail we constructed out of a couple weeks snow. It was extremely fast and never-the-less fun path. A couple of berms were constructed to make a once straight trail curvy. I took Oli for a couple of runs. He never cracked a smile and although he ended up with a face full of snow on the second run he never cried. I'm proud of my little dude.

After everyone went in, Chassis (the dog) and I went out on a short but exhilarating snow biking adventure. We only traveled a few hard earned miles in the snow and ice packed ground. I realize that I have a very over geared single speed bike that isn't well suited for the harshness of the snow pack. It was not easy, but the ride was fun. I snapped a couple of pictures that I will post tomorrow.

I feel excited about the upcoming year. The year I will train and the year I will ride more and also the year I plan to succeed in my endurance races. Leadville is my primary goal although I'm starting to second guess my challenge. I haven't yet sent in my application. The $250 price tag really holds me back. The race is very challenging and will take months of preparation. I have the motivation but again, the high price of the race and cost of travel expenses is not something we really need to worry about. If I had more disposable income the race wouldn't be out of reach, however I should make sacrifices and Leadville might wait another year.

The Laramie enduro is not out of reach. It's a shorter race, still 70 miles, but the entry fee is much less and travel would be half as far as Leadville. Training will still be required which I am prepared for. I also want to do much much better at the Dakota 5-0 which will fit right in with my training. I feel sad that I may not participate at Leadville but also relieved I won't be adding the extra expense on a frivolous adventure.

To a year full of adventures, biking and pursuits. Bring 2009 on, I'm ready!


Tez said...

If you still want to do Leadville see if you can find a sponsor to help out with the fee, like a local bike shop, business or club. Just a suggestion.

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