Monday, December 29, 2008


I have started to develop a training plan for my mountain bike excursions this summer. The plan seems relatively simple and not overly time consuming. I believe most of my training can be done before work.

It consists of:

2 interval/hill repeat days
1 or 2 long days
rest day of 30-60 minute easy recovery ride between hard days

Sounds pretty easy. It will be done in 4 week stages where weeks 1-3 will be gradually increasing in length and intensity, then week 4 will be a recovery week with easy spinning or cross training. Then I will start the process all over again. I'd like to work up to about 100 miles for the long ride preferably on or consisting of mountain bike trails.

The problem I am facing right now is how to start. What should I start with? I think I want my long days to be no longer than 20 miles for now. I would actually rather do a few slow long rides but not measured in miles but hours to start. Try to keep my butt in the saddle for 2 hours, then work up from there.

What should I do about the interval and hill repeats? I figure 30 minutes to an hour will probably be more than enough to start. I could do something like 1m30sec off then 30sec hard... I really need to figure that out. Get some sort of plan together.

I suppose I have the basics down, the rest will follow once I figure out where my current fitness is.

If all else fails, I'll just ride lots! Add in some speed work and climb many hills. Then take a week off. Rinse and repeat.

Oh, my other goal is to be at 170 by June 1. That's 20 pounds in 6 months. I think it's a reasonable goal for sure.

I need a scale battery for home and then I can track my progress here.

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