Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm still waiting on those lights. I have a night ride scheduled for Friday and I still don't have any. Looks as if I am going to have to duct tape a flashlight to my helmet. eh, it'll be interesting.

I'm going to make jerky (antelope) either tonight or tomorrow... maybe Thursday. I picked up some seasoning and I will cut up a few pounds over lunch today. I hope it's good.

I was going to ride a duathlon on Sunday but insulated our attic instead. We used blow-in cellulose. Recycled paper and not itchy... and good for the environment.

I need to ride my bike. It's not that it's too cold, too wet, too whatever, it's that I'm freaking busy.

Does anyone want to buy some rollers? Seriously! The exact ones are located... here

They really haven't been ridden that much. There is no wear. I bet I put a total of 200 miles on them. Since my road bike left, I have no bike that works well on these. Make me an offer. I really don't care, I just want them out of my house. They're in my way.

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