Thursday, December 11, 2008


It snowed last night and today. That means a snowy and/or a muddy ride tomorrow, in the dark. A group of people are meeting at Dunn Bros on Omaha and riding up the East side of M-hill at 6pm. There are some new paths being constructed that we will check out then descend one of two ways. We will either cruise leisurely through the dark forest or we will come down the rock garden. Since I either won't have lights, or will have a very dimly lit light, I'm sure I will choose the dark forest route, which I will say... is going to be dark (read, dark forest).

It's a really fun section in the daylight, no idea what it will entail at night. It could be super dangerous and i will surely die. Or, everything will be just fine. There have been talks of different routes going up as well. A hard route and a simpler one. Neither is very easy as M-hill is quite steep no matter which way you go up. I'm sure it will be a fun ride with either route.

I have 2 lights that I plan on using. 1 is a very cheap cat eye brand, maybe, LED light that goes on my handlebars. It is really not so much for seeing, but to be seen. I am also going to duct tape a flash light on my helmet. The flashlight is a relatively small, very brightly lit flashlight that should work pretty well if and only if I am able to strategically place the flashlight in the correct spot and I am not lighting the sky...

I'll post a full report on either Saturday or Monday. I'm looking forward to the ride.

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