Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Has anyone noticed all the items on the right sidebar are gone? When I check out my settings, they're all there, however when I view it... gone.

Oh well.

So far I rode my bike Monday and Wednesday (today) morning. Both days were quite cold at 5am. Today was really cold though. I bundled up perfectly though. UnderArmor base with jeans and a fleese, then I had on my Columbia coat with a stocking hat and some good gloves. I also threw on this thing that covers your face... I used it snowmobiling when I was younger. I was perfect. My fingers did get slightly chilly. On the way back home, the road turns to a slight uphill. I just started to sweat when I got home. I thought about walking some so I wouldn't sweat, but knew I was close. The snow and the ice on the roads made it very interesting.

I'm still waiting on some vendors to hook me up with some lights to review. I haven't had any offers.

The race this weekend is still on as far as I know. I offered to help out either before or after the race. I probably won't run as my knee hurts pretty bad. I really screwed it up on the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. At least I can bike.

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Tez said...

The stuff on the right did come up but it does take a bit.