Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Thanks for the congrats to those of you who read this. It is going to be a short commute. I told my wife that I would be coming home late most of the time as I will have to ride out of my way to get any sort of ride in. One thing I will have to figure out is where I will be parking my bike once I arrive at work. I used to be able to put it in my office. My new job has a big open space where my coworkers all sit. I'm not sure what the rule is there on bringing bicycles into the office. They don't have bike parking out front either. I might have to work on the corporation to get parking installed.

Fenders are another thing I will need. Not that it's very far, but in the slop and rain, I really don't want to show up with a nice rooster tail on my back. That might not go over very well in a professional work environment.

Oli got me a great gift for Christmas. I actually picked it out and paid for it, Oli's only 1 and he doesn't have much money. There are multiple places I can use it. The most common use will be on the bike. It could and probably will be worn on my helmet whilst I am on my bike. Can any of you guess what that gift might be? If a company would donate one to this blog, I could give it away to the right guesser, however, I highly doubt that will happen. But if it does, I'll notify the winner and send it. Don't expect one though.

I'm really excited for spring riding to come around. Angie got me a great bicycle jersey for my birthday a month ago and it's been far too cold to wear it. I can't remember if I posted it, but I got a fat cyclist jersey. She ordered it when Twin Six was donating half of the jersey cost to the fat cyclist for his wife who is battling cancer. I think it was one of the greatest gifts ever because it affected more than just my happiness, but it helped a family in need.

I'm out for today and probably until Monday. It looks as if I will be taking Friday off work so I can spend time with my family.

On a different note, I doubt that I got that light weight fancy Kona frame I've been dreaming about for Christmas. It might have to be a spring gift to me.


Tez said...

A light?

The Fat Cyclist jersey is great. I have only purchased a t-shirt from then at this point but it is a win win for all involved in this!

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