Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Rides

Well, I made the ride on Friday night. A perfect group of 12 showed at Dunn Bros to brave the full moon and darkness up M-Hill. We left right at 6pm and cruised up the East side of the hill (Sun Climb). It was a challenging climb since I really haven't done much riding. I was able to ride roughly 80% of it though. I stopped to shine a light on a fellow rider who had broken their chain.

Upon reaching the top of M-Hill, we rode some extremely fun new single track at the top. It circles most of the hill on the West, South and Eastern sides. After the new single track, we cruised down through dark forest and ended the ride. I tried out a new light from Acme Bicycles (Thanks Tim) and enjoyed it alot. Night riding is much more fun when you have the right gear.

It sounds like there will be a night ride every month on the full moon. So, if you happen to be in Rapid during that time of month, check out the forums on and see when and were the ride is taking place. I hope we continue it during the entire year.

I might have found my bike to try and ride Leadville and the Laramie Enduro. Acme has a Kona Kula Supreme race frame that I have my eye on. If I can get my Dawg (20" 2006 with Vanilla R rear shock) sold, I will be purchasing the new frame. It's super light and will be perfect for my goals for 2009. I'll have to buy some additional parts, but should be able to build it relatively reasonable.

Training will begin.

Oh, I also rode on Saturday afternoon before it got really crappy. I rode from our house, up and over Skyline to Acme bicycles to return the light. Then rode back. It was cold on the trip back. I didn't ride a lot this weekend, but I would say I put in roughly 10 miles or so, maybe a little more.

I need to start taking pictures and post on this blog. It's awfully text heavy. Icky