Saturday, May 15, 2010

Storm Mountain

Myself and 2 other rollers were up at the crack of dawn to head to storm mountain for a nice little loop this morning. We rode, we got a little muddy, we did a little bit of branch moving from the trail, we did a drop and we rode. It was a great easy ride for a Saturday morning. This trail is in great shape. I wish it was dryer so we could have ridden the coon hollow section but it's always too wet to ride in the spring.

I did a small 2-2.5 foot drop that I've been too chicken to do in the past. It took me 4 attempts before I actually committed. The drop had a nice entry point and a good landing. It really didn't feel like much so I'm not sure what my deal was. I feel proud that I've done it now. The skills are improving.

I wish I would have remembered my camera so I would have some shots of the ride, but I forgot... I was also going to bring my gps so I could map the route for some of the rides during the Fat Tire Festival but my gps was not working. Kind of a bummer.

Parts were a little muddy so I had some bike washing to do when I returned home. I'm really glad I completed that task because I found a broken spoke on my rear wheel. It might have to get an upgrade. I believe my riding has grown past the wheel's capabilities. It was a cheap wheel I bought a couple years ago when I upgraded to disc brakes. Now the wheel is crap and won't stay true. One ride and it's toast and now broken spokes, not cool. We'll see what happens.

Now, stop reading this and get out and ride.

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