Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gut Check 212

Here is a slightly short description of our accomplishment of completing the Gut Check 212.

Team Crank Brothers went at it again this year with pretty high expectations. I wanted to beat our time by at least 10 hours. I know it's a lofty goal, but I needed one to bring me back. Last year sucked. So I figured if we could ride it 10 hours faster than last year, we would only have to average about 16 mph over the course of the ride. Since we are a leap frog team, it should be more than doable.

I completely got side-tracked. We finished the race in 23 hours and 22 minutes. 13 hours faster than last year. We averaged over 18 mph. The weather was beautiful and couldn't have asked for anything more. I kept track of the mileage each of us rode and I went just over 110 miles. It was so much fun.

Now I am preparing for the Dakota 5-0 which is on the 31st of August.

Any of you heard of the Pickens Plan?


Snakebite said...

Way to go and great job! It was nice to meet a fellow blogger/rider. It doesn't look like the Five-Oh is in the cards for me this year, though I'll be in the Hills for that weekend. Fate is a cruel mistress.

Tez said...

Congrats on your ride! That is great and an awesome time!