Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Wish

I wish the post below didn't show up all funky. It would look so nice and pretty if it were aligned and spaced better. But, apparently blogger doesn't like tables. Maybe I should have used css. Who knows. That might make me even more nerdy though (Mr. Biking Brady)... I do wish it looked better.

I have to get everything ready for the Gut Check tonight. Our team is then shopping tomorrow night for fruit, water, food, etc. Then we'll head out on Friday at about noon for the border. I'm dreading it a little bit but then another part of me is pretty excited. I dread the pain and missery (even though it won't be that bad because I'll only have to ride an hour at a time.

This year I am keeping track of my total time in the saddle and my total mileage. I want to know how far I rode since I am on a leap frog team. I'll post all that stuff when I get back.

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bikingbrady said...

Tables work fine, you just have to take out ALL spaces. You can't do "pretty" html. C'mon web guy...figured you'd see that problem