Thursday, October 29, 2009

WOD Thursday, Oct 29

5 pullups
10 lunges per leg
15 wall ball – I used the 20lb ball and hit the 10 ft mark on 2 sets
20 squats

5 times


Becky Hammon was there in the morning and posted the best time of the day at 8 min something. Pretty cool.

My legs are trashed for the day. My spring biking is going to be soooo good.


Snakebite said...

Now that "bike season" is essentially over and my biking pretty much consists of only riding to and from work, I'm starting to exercise legs in the gym. My first leg workout was last Friday and they're still sore today.

Happy Rider said...

I hear you there. Since starting crossfit I don't know if I've gone a day without being sore. That's why I'm hoping next bike "season" will be much more successful. You'll have to hit me up on your faces to the falls tour. I'd be interested in riding some of that with you.