Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well, I joined a gym. Not just any ole gym though. The one I joined will bring you in, tear you up and spit you out in an hour or less. So far in the 4 sessions I've gone to my workouts have ranged from 8 minutes to 20 some minutes and I'm dead tired when all done.

I joined Black Hills CrossFit. I love it. It has to be the next best thing to bikes in the world. It's hard, fast, functional everyday movements that work every part of your body. It reminds me a bit of my college basketball or high school football days. I'm really excited to get to the olympic lifts where I hear you can see huge gains in strength, speed and stamina. Those are all the things I'm striving for, and of course overall wellness.

I think I might keep a running journal of my workouts and post the times here. I know my loyal 3 readers do not care, but I think it will be beneficial to me so I can keep track of my progress.

If I keep up these workouts through next year, I will be very interested to see how and if my mountain biking improves. I'm sure I'll have more physical endurance and strength. Can't wait!!!

Today's W.O.D.

10 pullups
20 pushups
30 sit-ups
40 squats

15:22 (I think, I can't remember for certain)

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