Friday, April 2, 2010


It sounds like my favorite local bike shop (Acme Bicycles) will be offering me a chance to test out a Kona Ute next week. Am I excited you ask? Well, I think that's a stupid question. I get to try a Kona Ute for free! It's going to be my commuter, get groceries, haul the kids places bike and I'm going to like it, then I'm probably going to purchase it. I might have to see if I can trade or offer services to help pay for the damn thing, but I think I can make it work.

I'm excited. Yes!

The weather sucks today.

I was hoping to ride up to my parent's house by Nemo tomorrow. The ride would be about 20 miles mostly uphill which really doesn't matter to me. It'd be fun and i could get my first long-ish ride in of the season. If I had the Ute, I'd take it and maybe haul a kitchen sink, but I don't... so I'll probably just haul myself and maybe a water bottle or two. This will all take place IF the weather cooperates. I'm not going to ride when the roads are slippery and slushy up that dreaded, windy, drivers don't pay attention road.


Hayley Hutchin said...

oh you will LOVE it! i have a Ute and i wind up using it for so many things. pre-Ute, about once a week drove just because i had a single item to transport, and i would think, "what a waste." with the Ute, driving is rare, once or twice a month! the Ute is FABULOUS!

Check out how this guy set his up:

Happy Rider said...

That's cool. If I end up getting it, I'd like to set it up that way. I have two small boys that would love to ride on it.