Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moab 2010

Me and some buddies are heading to Moab, UT in a couple weeks for 3 days of slickrock riding fun. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Moab biking since I got into the activity. I'll have to post lots of pictures once we return.

I went on my first (real) ride of the season last Sunday. It was spectacular. I know crossfit has definitely help me keep my fitness over the winter but I will still have to incorporate some more riding. My breath seemed a little short at times but I did have good power and my recovery time was very short.

The fat tire festival is coming up soon also. I'm not sure if I'll be doing any races. I might try the hill climb, maybe the cross country. I'm thinking of just helping out though. I will try and ride as many bhmba sponsored races as I can this year instead.

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Snakebite said...

On your way to Moab, maybe stop at Fruita, CO. GREAT trails. Go to Over the Edge in town and buy the guide book. There's an IMBA Epic ride at the Bookcliffs place.