Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend and Easter

I had planned to ride up to my parent's house by Nemo. This didn't happen. We got snow and the higher elevations got even more snow. I didn't want to risk riding on a no shoulder road with wet and slippery conditions. I'm going to have to start getting some rides in so I'm prepared for Moab.

I'm going to start gathering my leftover parts to put my Dawg back together. I need a bike where I can go bash around and have some fun. It won't be a light build but it should still climb well and will only have a few minor upgrades from stock. The fork will be different and probably some other minor things. As long as it runs and is fun, I don't care.

I have my hardtail for races and training. I'll probably end up riding it the most.

If the weather would straighten itself out I could get some more riding in. I might have to make due with what it is.

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