Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day 3

Well, here is to my 3rd day of commuting by bike for the year. I took a little different route today. I rode up part of the skyline wilderness trail. It was a little snowy and icy. I almost died a couple of times. But, oh well, it was still a fun ride.

I have myself a complaint. I bought a headlight and a taillight for my bike along time ago. 5 years or so to be exact. I just tried to mount them on my current mt bike and surprisingly, they don't fit. The tubes are too big. So, I am taping the headlight on and attaching the taillight to my backpack. I guess they are making bikes a bit beefier than they used to. I'm fine with that, just a little disappointed that I have to spend more money to get lights that fit. I'd rather buy something more fun, like new wheels or a new derailleur.

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