Thursday, January 17, 2008


Alright, cloudy and windy 30 degrees but feels like 16F. It really isn't that cold when comparing it to what others commute in. I rode. You know what though? I have the worst ear ache and head ache ever. I'm not sure if it is from breathing hard and the cold, so I got a variation of a brain freeze, or if it's just that I am not acclimated to the cold weather. I really wish I didn't have that big 2 mile hill to climb to get to work. It would sure make things alot nicer. Granted I'm going to get stronger from it, but it really makes it tougher to ride to work. Especially if I am in a hurry. However, it's my 8th day of riding.

Good for me.

Anyone else out there ever experience bad head aches when riding in the cold? Just curious.

Oh, I also realized I have to do a little tune up on my breaks on the road bike. My front brake was rubbing so I let it off. I must remember to tighten it back down before I ride down hill.

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bikingbrady said...

Headaches: plenty
Headaches because of the cold, can't say that I've had it happen. Sounds painful though!