Monday, March 24, 2008

Cost of Fuel

Happy Monday. It is currently 66 degrees outside and I am sitting inside at my desk. I did get a ride in this morning that consisted of my bike, rollers, a sleeping boy and No Country for Old Men. Then when my wife got home from work for lunch, she asked if I would be riding my bike to work. I told her no because I didn't have enough time. Then i looked at the clock and realized it only takes me 20 minutes to get to work. It was 12:30. I did have time! So I got my bike and headed off to work. It was great! I got just over 15 miles for the day.

On another note. A friend of mine gave me his old bike. It is an '80s model Novara of some sort. Complete with racks and everything. I rode it home on Thursday and washed it all off. I'm excited to take it apart and clean everything and use it as a grocery getter or commuter. It needs a little work though. I wouldn't want to put any long trips into it.

Then, last week sometime I read this blog from a girl in Alaska. (You should keep up with this blog if you don't already. It is one of the most well written blogs I read. She is big into the snow biking thing and just recently did the Iditarod trail on her bike.) Anyway, on to my story. She started talking about the cost of fuel and then the cost of fueling herself for biking. It actually turned out that driving would be cheaper if it was just the gas. Well read it, I got a kick out of it. I'll still take my bike.

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bikingbrady said...

Good wife....crack the whip!