Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Days Off

It is my second day as a part time stay at home dad. Well, for two weeks anyway. I have not had the chance to ride my bike at all. Oh well, spending time with the boy is great and I don't think I would trade that for a bike ride.

Although, Saturday I did manage to get a mt bike ride in. Me and my brother-in-law made a trek up M-Hill here in Rapid. It wasn't muddy and went very well. I thank the rollers for that. I felt really stable on the trail and I cleared many sections that I previously haven't been able to. My downhill skills have improved and my sense of balance seems to be improving. My fitness level seems to be a little on the short side, but I suppose when you are climbing a 39 pound bike up a 30% grade, it takes quite a level of fitness. I did it last year and I know I can do it again.

This is the year of the bike. With the South Dakota Bicycle Coalition in full swing and the BHMBA doing great things in the Black Hills, this will most undoubtedly be "the year of the bike" for me. What is it for you???

The weather is supposed to be crappy today. They are expecting 2-6 inches of snow. Not that it is alot, it's still snow and it puts off riding those trails. The weekend is supposed to be back up in the 50s so that is promising.

I suppose that is my update. The boy has been sleeping for almost 2 hours and I decided that it should be designated as blogging time.


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