Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Rides

It is now my second week at home with the boy. No time for rides. I did manage to get a short mt bike ride in with my dog on Sunday which was cut short due to a flat tire. Nothing serious but cut my ride short anyway. The boy is growing quickly and is now smiling and being happy most of the time. Unless, of course, he is tired or hungry. I return to work on Monday. I am sad to be going back to work, but then I will be happy that I will have a bit of structure back in my life.

I probably won't be able to ride my bike to work much after that. My wife and I both work at the same place and we will have to take the boy to daycare everyday. It is a 20 minute drive across town into the valley. I've thought about taking him by bike when he is older, but I would have to ride on some of the most unfriendly bike roads in Rapid. So, that is probably not going to happen. Plus, it's about a 10 mile bike ride there, then another 10+ miles to work after that on unsafe roads. It's not going to happen. I guess now that the time has changed, there are more daylight hours after work so I might be able to squeeze in a ride after that.

On another note, I haven't ridden my rollers in a while either. I keep looking at my sad bike in the basement sitting next to the rollers. It almost frowns at me each time I walk by.

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