Friday, April 18, 2008

Benefit Run

No rides today. I do have to go run a 5K this afternoon though. It is a benefit for a boy who was killed a couple years back. You know what he was doing? Riding his bicycle in his neighborhood and some lady in an SUV hit him. Not only am I running for the benefit of him, one of my buddies coached him in soccer and I created a memorial patch for him, and also the fact that he was killed while riding a bike.

It really makes me sad that people are killed that way. This is just speculation, but the lady was probably driving a monstrous SUV while talking on her phone and drinking a latte and trying to change the song on her ipod. Like all things, not paying attention. You know what? How often are we not paying attention when we are on a bike? Rarely, if we do, we crash. Who do we hurt, nobody other than ourselves. One more reason why bicycles should be a primary mode of transportation. Less crashes, less people killed in auto accidents, less pollution, less congestion, healthier citizens... the list honestly goes on and on.

I haven't run in a while... this should be interesting!

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