Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Trails

It has been a few days since I last posted. But, really there hasn't been much to post about. Yesterday, the buddy who I helped put together his bike, and I rode up to work together. It was a very fun ride. It was a little slower than I am used to, but that is good every now and then. It makes me enjoy the ride a little more. Then over lunch, I went for another ride. Such a nice day. I tried to cruise on the mtb trail on Skyline but it was just starting to thaw, so there was about an inch of mud and some snow. I didn't want to ruin the trail so I opted to stay on the road. It was a short ride, but a ride anyway.

I'm hoping to get out tomorrow and if I ride on the road, get 40 miles in, if it is on the mtb it will probably be considerably less. However, either way it will be fun to be outside, once again, on the bike.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm not sure if either will happen. It might be that I just spin indoors once again. Either way I guess.

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