Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Ride Report

I was at home with the boy on Friday night. He fell asleep early and I got in 15 miles on the rollers. Nothing too special but it was a nice ride. I think the movie, Big was on. Saturday I went and rode Storm Mountain trails by Rockerville. I rode with one of my friends, Mike. I have never ridden with him before. It was his first time out on a bike this year and I'm pretty sure his legs hate him now. It was super fun though.

We rode for about 3 miles when this dude on a single speed came up and went by. His name is Dave and he had a dog named Treagen. He asked if we had ridden the trail before. I had but it's been a while since I went further than the 3.5 mile mark. He said he would show us the ride. It was great. I was having a pretty hard time keeping up with him on his single. I really really want to give the single speeding thing a try. It seems like single speeders use so many things to their advantage. i.e. momentum, power, speed and some other stuff. It was the first time I have actually ridden with a guy with one gear and I was totally jealous.

We rode about a total of 10 miles. It was excellent. Storm Mountain continues to be one of my favorites. We did a couple big climbs and some fun, flowy downhill.

Great fun on a bike!

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